The all new Oasis Woven Wood shade collection is fashioned from natural reeds and woods to help create informal surroundings for family rooms, sun porches, kitchens and bathrooms. Every shade has its own distinctive texture, grain, color, and pattern that can change the mood of the room from exotic to casual or rustic.

Lift Systems

  • Pull Cord: Is standard on all woven wood shades up to 96" wide by 96" tall.
  • Continuous Cord Loop: Optional on shades 96" wide by 96" tall or smaller, standard on shades larger. Consists of a nylon color coordinated cord loop for virtually effortless raising and lowering of your shade. 
  • Cordless: Is available for shades up to 72" x 72". Cordless shades are available in Standard and Waterfall designs shown below.
  • Motorization: Optional 12v DC battery or Solar, 24v DC low voltage or 110v AC line voltage motors are available and can be controlled by wireless RF remotes and wall stations, hardwired switches or third party AV equipment.


Standard Roman Shade

Shade is raised by means of cords (if manual), which hang in front of the shade. Included is a 6" valance to conceal the components. When raised, the material rises from the bottom in flat folds.

Twin Shade

Features two separate, independently operated shades on one head rail. The front shade can be either a standard or waterfall woven wood. The rear is a liner shade which is attached to the back of the head rail. Continuous cord loop or low voltage motorization is available for the front shade.

Waterfall Shade

Shade is raised by means of cords or motors which are hidden behind the panel. Material is attached to the front of the head rail, without a valance. When raised, the material rises from the bottom in flat folds. Optional rear valance which conceals the head rail hardware is available.

Top-down bottom-up

All Top-Down Bottom-Up shades will be supplied with lined valances to conceal the components and light gap at the top of the shade. Available for shades up to 84"x84" with standard pull cords only.