Norman Woodbury Shutters

Designed for durability, Woodbury encompasses a perfect balance of strength and beauty. The resilience of Woodbury comes from incorporating the same advanced polymer material used in automotive parts and helmets. In addition, the enhanced waterproof design allows the shutter to withstand high humidity and condensation without compromising performance. Formulated specifically for strength, the shutter remains amazingly lightweight and stunningly beautiful.


  • Better consistency and durability than a regular wood shutter.
  • Reinforced engineered wood stiles provide an intense level of durability and structural integrity.
  • Stainless steel staples resist corrosion and withstand extreme heat.
  • Better than vinyl and PVC shutters and can withstand even the highest desert temperatures.
  • Patented polypropylene coating makes its surface extremely durable and robust.
  • Quick and easy on-site installation with the pre-installed magnets and hinges, as well as pre-mitered frames and slotted keyholes.


  • Rectangular Shutter
  • Cafe Shutters
  • Specialty Shapes
  • By-Pass/Bi-Fold Shutters for Doors
  • French Door Cut-Outs


  • 36" Single Panel Width (regular)
  • 26" Single Panel Width (bi-fold) 
  • Divider Rail is not required until over 79" tall
  • 133" Maximum Shutter Height

Louver Options

  • 1 7/8" Smooth Elliptical Louver
  • 2 1/2" Smooth Elliptical Louver
  • 3 1/2" Smooth Elliptical Louver
  • 4 1/2" Smooth Elliptical Louver

Frame Options

  • 2" Camber Deco Frame
  • Beaded L-Frame
  • Beaded L-Frame with 1/2" Buildout
  •  Vintage L-Frame
  • Vintage L-Frame with 1/2" Buildout
  • 3" Crown Z-Frame
  • 2" Bel Air Z-Frame
  • 1 1/2" Bullnose Z-Frame
  • 1" Traditional Hang Strip
  • Direct Mount (No Frame) 

Other Design Options

  • InvisibleTilt
  • Offset Tilt Rod
  • Divider Rails
  • Double Hung
  • Split Tilt Rods
  • Antimicrobial Treatment

Hinge Finishes

  • Silk White
  • Stainless Steel (Recommended for high humidity areas)
  • Pearl
  • Bisque
  • Antique Brass
  • Bright Brass
  • Black
  • Nickel-Plated