Roller Shade Fabric Collection / Natural Woven Fabrics

Natural Woven Fabrics.

Inspired by nature, our jacquard line of woven grass cloths and lustrous yarns offer a unique array of textures and patterns. Our natural woven shade fabrics provide protection from the sun's harmful UV rays with an exotic, earthy overtone.

SheerWeave 5000 3% - 10% [28% Polyester/72% Vinyl on Polyester | 96" Max Roll Width]: 

Island [100% Polyester | 108" Roll Width]: 

Sequoia [100% Polyester | 108" Roll Width]:

Maui [100% Polyester | 108" Roll Width]: 

Singapore [16% Polyester/84% Cellulosic Fiber | 72" Roll Width]:

The above color swatches are for reference only. Hue's and textures will vary from monitor to monitor so we encourage you not to order product based on these swatches.