Featured Projects

Smithsonian-renwick art gallery panels

Fabric: Phifer's SW2390 5%

System: Stationary arched screen panels spanning up to 5' wide x 14' tall

Savage Branch Library Shades

McFeely Window Fashions | MD

Fabric: Phifer's SW4000 Eco 5%

Drives: Rollease Skyline & Somfy ST30 24v DC Dry Contact Motors

FTS Skylight Shades

Supreme Shades | NYC

Fabric: Mermet's Avila Black Blackout

Drive: Somfy Dual Motor FTS50 System with RTS Conversion Kit and wireless controls

System Dimensions: 130" x 270" (Flush Mount/IB)

Special Features: ShyZip Side Channels

Conston Skylight Shade

Mitchell's Blind & Shade | Prometric - Baltimore, MD

Fabric: Mermet's Edessa Artic Blackout

Drive: Somfy ST50 AC 110v RTS with wireless RTS controls

System Dimensions: 44" x 68" (Flush Mount/IB) 

FTS Skylight Shades

Under Armour - Baltimore, MD

Fabric: Phifer's SW4800 1% Ebony

Drive: Somfy Dual Motor FTS50 System with Dry Contact Controls

System Dimensions: 40' x 8' (40' is split into 4 sections and coupled)

The system was fully prototyped in house prior to installation as shown below:

Residential Recessed Roller Shades

Rick Shades - Wilmington, DE

Fabric: Phifer's SW4400 3% Alabaster

Drive: Somfy ST50 AC 110v with RTS Controls  

Site built soffits were constructed with beautiful crown molding. Our roller shades were then installed along with our hanger and closure flap to fully conceal the hardware

Commercial Recessed Roller Shades

Bryn Mawr School - Baltimore, MD

Fabric: Mermet's E-Screen 5% White/Pearl

Drive: Rollease R-16 Clutches

Pockets with tile lips were installed in conjunction with the ceiling grid system.