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Blackout Fabrics.

Blackout fabrics are perfect for board rooms, media rooms, laboratories, bedrooms, theaters or any other application that requires complete light blockage and privacy. Blackout fabrics offer ultimate glare control in addition to dramatic reductions in solar heat gain. Pair these fabrics with our fascia, side and sill channels to provide a 100% light seal.

Brand New RESIDENTIAL (Non-FR) Designer Blackout Fabrics By Wilson:

Tuscany [PVC-Free, 100% Polyester | 110" Roll Width]

Concord [PVC-Free, 100% Polyester | 110" Roll Width]

Windsor [PVC-Free, 100% Polyester | 110" Roll Width]

Lattice [PVC-Free, 100% Polyester | 110"]

Mermet Blackout Fabrics:

Avila Twilight [PVC-Free, 100% Polyester | 110" Roll Width]: Fabric Data

Edessa Twilight [PVC-Free, 47% Polyester/53% Acrylic | 118" Roll Width]: Fabric Data

Flocke [PVC-Free, 42% Fiberglass/51% Acrylic/7% Cotton Flocked Backing | 94.5" Roll Width]: Fabric Data

Phifer Blackout Fabrics:

SheerWeave 7000 [PVC-Free, 100% Polyester with Acrylic Backing | 118" Max Roll Width]: 

Special Order Phifer Blackout Fabrics: 

  • SW 7100
  • SW 7500

Fiberglass [37% Fiberglass/63% Vinyl on Fiberglass | 120" Max Roll Width]:

Fiberglass Moire [37% Fiberglass/63% Vinyl on Fiberglass | 72" Max Roll Width]: 

The above color swatches are for reference only. Hue's and textures will vary from monitor to monitor so we encourage you not to order product based on these swatches.